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Holiday flat in Eckelsheim Erb-Frey-Hof

Erb-Frey-Hof (Eckelsheim) bicycle rental family-friendly secluded tv set

house description:
The historic Erb-Frey-Hof was built in 1717. Today, the grange, maenwhile under monumental protection, is well known for its wide range of different herbs. The classical garden, the barbecue grill, the small herbs-shop and the romantic flair will surely amuse all your senses.
pricing conditions:
FW pro Nacht 38.-€ für 1 Pers., 48.-€ für 2 Pers. Pro Zusatzbett 12.-€(max. 4 Pers.).

booking request
Holiday flat
min. price: 38.00 €
categorisation: -
beds: 4
journey description:

bicycle rental, family-friendly, secluded, tv set,
Marianne Stocker Maus
Gumbsheimerstr. 8
55599 Eckelsheim
phone: +49 (0)6703 3787
email: send inquiry