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Rhineland-Palatinate event calendars

rheinland-pfalz event calendar

In Rhineland-Palatinate there are many events which make your vacation an unforgettable experience. Visit one of many cultural events, a theatre, concert or simply dive into the known nightlife in this nice region. Here you find a small choice of eventcalendars from Rhineland-Palatinate.


Love, Hatred and Murder - the legend of the rise and fall of the Nibelungen has been fascinating audiences for centuries. Worms is known as the place where Kriemhild and Brünhild battled on the steps of the cathedral. Here, Brünhild left Gunther dangling out of her window in their wedding night, so the story goes. Here, Hagen planned the murder of Siegfried, the dragon slayer.


Theater im Pfalzbau
Also in this game is dedicated to the theater in time Pfalzbau special series of events specific cultural issues: The week Turkey, established for several years, with theaters and cultural events from Germany and Turkey in German and Turkish.


Burgspiele Altleiningen
Il castello giochi Altleiningen sono stati lanciati nel 1980 a 1200 ° anniversario della comunità Altleiningen dal computer di Willy alla vita. Sia classico, commedia o il thriller: anno dopo anno il pubblico dalla gioia di suonare e l'attrezzatura dettagliato è entusiasta. Il nostro gruppo comprende circa 100 membri da 10 a 80 anni.


Schlossfestspiele Edesheim
Edesheim Castle - this is a Mediterranean flair surrounded by vineyards, which is peace and security, see behind walls, which leave the worries behind, relax and recharge your batteries at cultural events and highlights of the castle festival season. Open Air at the moat - in the summer months of the year, we welcome you most warmly on open air season on the moat.


Wittlicher Konzerte
The Wittlicher concerts have earned a distinct profile that includes chamber music at a high level, and occasionally large choral and orchestral works. Critical to the program design is, with the artists to develop a coherent body of musical concept is exciting, which can be enjoyable, humorous and serious.