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Hotel in Neuwied Tagungsvilla Weißer Berg

Tagungsvilla Weißer Berg (Neuwied) sauna conference area wellness balcony secluded tv set

house description:
Nestled in a large, peaceful park lies our villa in a very quiet area of the White Mountain above Neuwied.
pricing conditions:
With 19 rooms, of which 12 can be used as a double room, the villa offers something for every taste. Single room from 65.00 to 75.00 € Double 95,00.105,00 €

booking request
min. price: 65.00 €
categorisation: *****
beds: 30
journey description:

sauna, conference area, wellness, balcony / terrace, secluded, tv set,
Tagungsvilla Weißer Berg
Gottfried Hawel
Weißer Berg 5
56567 Neuwied
phone: 02631/9688100
fax: 02631/9688115
email: send inquiry